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La Clarita always brings a smile to faces. This Torpedo Connecticut embodies everything great about the Caribbean. Light, festive and enjoyed at any time, by all. Wrapped with Ecuadorian Connecticut Broadleaf.  Binder and filler come from the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua.

Maduro 6x60 Gauge 

'La Negrita' Maduro Torpedo
How'd you hear about us?
'La Negrita' Maduro Toro
How'd you hear about us?

*Includes Assorted blends and a Stogie Cork Nubber 

Assorted Blends​​​ *6x60 Gauge NOT INCLUDED

'La Clarita' Connecticut Torpedo
How'd you hear about us?
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Cork Nubber
'La Negrona' 60 Gauge Maduro
How'd you hear about us?

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Summer Sampler

                 Connecticut Torpedo 6 1/8x 52

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Maduro Torpedo 6 1/8x 52

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Habano Torpedo 6 1/8x 52

We introduce La Negrita. Just like the name, this is a strong Oscuro Maduro with a memorable start and finish. The triple fermentation process brings out the spicy and sweet notes. Binder and filler are composed of full-flavored Ligero and Maduro leaves from Esteli, Nicaragua

'La Mulata' Torpedo
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TLC Magnet​ *SOLD OUT*

Cork Stogie Nubber   4" long

La Mulata, the name best suited to describe this smoke is to be enjoyed by individuals who appreciate the scent, nuances and taste of a medium to full-bodied stick. Wrapped in Nicaraguan Habano leaf.  Binder and filler composed of Seco and Volado leaves from Esteli, Nicaragua.

Assorted Torpedo Blends
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