Yvette Rodriguez

Operations, Media & Public Relations is her specialty and she works hard to make Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars a recognizable, profitable cigar brand. She looks as good in person as she does on T.V. 

Yvonne Rodriguez 

In charge of Digital Media and Sales, she is hell bent on taking long lunches and attending art exhibits. All while managing a fast-growing Cigar brand. Popping a bottle of champagne on a Tuesday afternoon is a regular sacrifice made in the name of brand recognition. 

"You are cordially invited to light up and enjoy the gifts our ancestors wished for us. We present you with the finest Cuban-seed cigars, cultivated in Nicaragua and inspired by our grandmother. Lets celebrate the diverse beauty of the Afro-Cuban woman, and to the many who have carved a path to follow.

Each cigar tells a story and here is a cigar brand worthy of your attention."

​           -Yvonne Rodriguez