Tournament of Champions Christmas Party at KROMA Art Gallery   Dec. 2015

Tobacco Breeze Cigar Society of South Florida Happy Hour 2015

Stephen Tullock Softball Charity Detroit Lions  2015

Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars Photo Gallery

WWL-TV  IPCPR Interview  Sept. 2015

Urban Construction Golf Tournament 2014

Virginia SouthSide Cigar Club @ Cuban Cigar Makers 2015

Smoking with the 305 Cigar Divas @ Brickell Cigars 2015

Stogie Press Interview @ 100 Fires Cigars Coral Gables

Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge 2014

Meet & Greet at Cuban Cigar Makers 2015

Tobacco Breeze  Cigar Society of South Florida Event 2014

Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars @ Cafe Iguanas

Kiss My Ash Radio Interview   Oct. 2015

Virginia Key Beach Anniversary  2015

Black Enterprise Magazine Golf & Tennis Challenge   Sept. 2015

Cigar Rights of America Dec. 2015

IPCPR  2015

Cigars 210 Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars Bday Party  

Dec. 2015

Halloween Party at Signature Premium Cigars             Oct. 2015

Cut & Light Event at Ashes Cigar & Lounge   Dec. 2015